Chiropractic Explained

Your body is an amazing entity with the purpose of expressing life.  This is done by the control of your nervous system: your brain, spinal cord and nerves.   Your nervous system is the first system formed during development and at its command, the rest of your body develops.  

Your brain communicates with your body by sending nerve signals down to each organ system and your body communicates with your brain by sending signals back up to the brain. When there is an interference in this communication pathway, your body is in a state of stress and dis-ease (lack of ease).  If this interference is not corrected, sickness and disease develops producing many symptoms.  When the interference is removed, your body is able to communicate properly and restores normal functions thus producing healing by the rule of the nervous system. Your nervous system is so important, that it is protected by bone: your skull and bones of the spine. If these bones are out of place, it increases the likelihood of interference to your nervous system.

Chiropractors detect interferences in your nervous system called subluxations and remove them with specific adjustments to the bones of the spine.

Subluxations occur throughout life from the birthing process and beyond. More often than not, subluxations are present and go undetected for many years and cause damage to the growing body. Regular checks by a chiropractor is beneficial to all from the newborn baby to the patriarch of the family. Call Circle of a Healing Chiropractic today for a complementary evaluation to detect and remove subluxation from you and your family today.


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