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Meet The Chiropractors

Dr. Scott

Meet Dr. Scott

Dr. Shanna "Denise" Scott is a native of Huntington, WV and graduate of Marshall University. Dr. Denise always knew she would be a healthcare professional during her pursuit of higher education, however, she wasn't sure in what capacity. She began her college career as a pre-pharmacy major in hopes to become a pharmacist. She joined the Army Reserves in 2000 and served as a pharmacy technician in Afghanistan in 2002. In 2007, Dr. Denise relocated to Dallas, Texas and began working as a pharmacy technician at the Dallas Veteran's Affairs hospital in early 2008. During her time at the VA, she felt pharmacy was not the right path for her and began to seek other options. She began her career in chiropractic in May 2010 and graduated August 2013. The journey was full of twists and turns but the gift of healing she will be able to unleash in each patient she cares for, is well worth the hard work and efforts she made to be able to serve her community.

Dr. Denise enjoys spending time with loved ones, traveling and serving her community. While a student at Parker University, Dr. Denise took part in a mission trip to the Dominican Republic where she and her colleagues provided chiropractic care to under served areas . She looks forward to participating in many more trips to serve in the near future. It is apparent that chiropractic care is the best profession in which to fulfill her passion for improving the health of those she wishes to serve.

Degrees obtained:

BA Regents- Marshall University 2004
BS Anatomy- Parker University 2012
BS Health and Wellness- Parker University -2012
Doctorate of Chiropractic - Parker University - 2013


United States Army Reserves- 2000-2008
Operation Enduring Freedom- Bahgram, Afghanistan 2002
Operation Noble Eagle- Ft Lewis, WA 2005-2007

Dr. Hill

Meet Dr. Hill 

Shadana Mikkel Hill, D.C. is a Dallas native raised in Oak Cliff and graduate from The GREAT James Madison High School. She is a general chiropractor who provides a wide range of chiropractic services such as spinal adjustments, myofascial release therapy, kinesiologytaping, prenatal treatments and pediatriccare to her patients affected by acute injury or chronic pain. After high school, Dr. Hill attended The University of North Texas-Denton and earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Biology with aminor in Chemistry. She also became a proud member of the Amazin’ Zeta Eta Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority,Inc. 

While Dr. Hill knew she wanted a career as a health professional, she wasn’t quite sure which direction she wanted to take. Her love for studying anatomy of the human body led her to an open house for chiropractic school. There, she developed a new understanding and passion for healing one’s body drug-free by hand. She went on to enroll at Parker University in Dallas, where she obtained her Doctorate in Chiropractic, as well as a Bachelor’s of Science in Anatomy and Wellness. 

Dr. Hill has worked with leading North Texas medical practices that were dedicated to pain management and injury rehabilitation. She has a background in treating varies injuries from motor vehicle accidents, work related, sport activities, pregnancy aches and pains as well as wellness care. She is dedicated to helping her patients improve their lives functionally through chiropractic care, physical therapy and neuromuscular balance. Whether a patient is dealing with a recent injury, recurrent headaches, or a cluster of seemingly unrelated symptoms stemming from an imbalance in the spinal column,Dr. Hill offers personalized chiropractic care and wellness plans designed to meet their individual needs and yield the best results. She is here to serve our community and welcomes new patients to experience her gift in healing. 

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